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Find every info.
In seconds.

Take your document management, search and productivity to the next level.

How it works

Owly is your personal library in the cloud. You can manage and search through all your documents in seconds. Let us show you how it works.

How it works

Why use Owly?

Why Owly

Powerful search

Search and find any information in seconds, whether it's in documents, images, presentations, receipts, contracts, etc.  Due to our OCR and tagging you can find any content in seconds, without the need to reorganize or remember where you put it.

Smart tagging

No more folder structure. Use our tagging system to easily sort your documents. You can tag every document with keywords, e.g. tax or bill, for easy retrieval and a great overview. It's a super-easy way to manage your information without making it too complex. 

Boost your productivity

We know you are busy. That's why we want to offer you a better way for document management. With a beautiful interface and easy-to-use features, you no longer have to spend hours digging through folders or piles of documents. We empower your productivity.

About us

Why are we building Owly?

Home: About us

We created Owly because none of the existing solutions for smart document management worked for us. As knowledge workers we work with lots of information which we need at various points in time. And we hate to spend massive amounts of time searching for relevant content and information as well as for structuring our information.


Enter Owly. Say goodbye to slow searches and document chaos. Live smarter with Owly!

That is the goal and our mission. We are committed to delivering an indispensable service for document management. We are creating Owly for knowledge work professionals — engineers, product managers, lawyers, architects, consultants, project managers and more.

What do you get?

Which features are you getting for free and which are premium?



For users with only a few documents to manage.

What you get


50 documents


Text-recognition scanning (OCR)


Document tagging


In-document search

Free, forever



For users who work with a lot of information in documents.

What you get (+ Lite)


500 documents


Publication/sharing of single Documents (coming soon)


Document versioning (coming soon)

7 $ per month


For users for whom document management is their life.

What you get (+ Pro)


5.000 documents


Publication/sharing of document groups/tags (coming soon)


Offline documents (coming soon)

17 $ per month



On which platforms is Owly available?

Owly is currently available on web and mobile, reachable through your browser. iOS and Android apps are in development and will be added in the future. 

Which file formats are supported?

We support all common file formats for documents (docs, pdfs, jpgs, gifs, etc.). Are you missing any file format? Just contact us at!

How secure are my documents?

Owly uses the secure encryption standard HTTPS / SSL / TLS for data transmission. After uploading, your documents are hosted by the cloud provider AWS (Amazon Web Services) on servers in Frankfurt am Main. Thus, the documents are subject to the German / European  data protection law.

How can I register?

You can go to or use one of the links above. We support the following registration options: 

  • Sign in with Email + Password

  • Sign in with your Google Account

  • Sign in with Apple ID

Get in contact?

Just write us at

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